Notre Dame de Paris - Sold Out


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About geocoin:
Scott T.Duck (, Jon-Paul Barr ( and Ruby have combined their expertise to draw this geocoin on a volunteer basis.
The goal is to raise funds to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral. Although it will be a very small part, we wanted to work together so that the Geocaching community and geocoin lovers can participate in this cause.
The full benefit of this geocoin will be given in full to the organization of monuments of France. Volt Geocoins will transmit the total amount of donations once the orders are closed.
There will be no reissue or stock left, if you want your edition, it's now or never.

Every geocoin will be numbered 1/xxx
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Finition: Antique Silver
Diameter: 47mm
3D Front - 2D BacK
The gargoyle and the cathedral are in 3D
3.5 mm thickness